Every year, brands spend tens of billions of dollars on video advertising both on television and online.  The biggest brands pay exorbitant sums on each campaign to top advertising agencies, always knowing that the success or failure of each campaign is a gamble no matter how much they spend.

Meanwhile, some small companies have found that they can get equally successful videos with independent filmmakers — but this only happens when someone at the company (most often the CEO) personally knows a filmmaker.

ZoomTilt was created to make branded entertainment accessible to everyone, by connecting companies large and small with top-caliber professional filmmakers to generate creative, potentially viral video content marketing.  Essentially, if you don’t happen to know a great filmmaker that has the right sensibilities for your company, come to us — we do.

This blog explores how independent content creators can help companies tell their stories and engage new audiences for a fraction of the cost.

One thought on “About

  1. Hello Zoomtilt, thanks for the excellent blog on how to find an audience!

    I’m writing because we’re trying to get the word out for our new short film, ‘Break.’

    Two workers get to know each other intimately while on a smoke break outside the shipping facility they work at.

    It stars Chicago actors Steve Key (Public Enemies, Mercury Rising) and William Johnson (F***ing Men) with Rigoberto Gomez and Mario Garcia-Baeza

    Length: 3 Min 20 Sec

    If you get time to watch it, thoughts welcome!!

    Thank you!

    Ryan Nanni

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