Screenwriters’ Clubhouse Launched!

There are hundreds of different screenwriting competitions across the globe. From prestigious international academy fellowships that give out tens of thousands of dollars in prizes, to online competitions that simply reward writers with notoriety, contests for film writers are everywhere.

At ZoomTilt, we wanted to create something original that could be focused on the writer and their growth as a writer above all else. We wanted it to be accessible to everyone, of all skill levels, across the entire country.

That is why we created the Screenwriters’ Clubhouse.

The Screenwriters’ Clubhouse offers fun writing “workouts” with two week deadlines. The Clubhouse could be called a “gym” for screenwriters, encouraging writers to “exercise” regularly by writing short concepts and scripts based on new ideas. These workouts are only 5 pages long, and they serve as potential first episodes for your own creative screenplay.

While other screenwriting competitions often ask for $50-$100 for submissions, we only ask you donate $5 toward the Clubhouse in order to be eligible to win cash prizes and recognition.  Our Clubhouse is a community, so you put in $5 that goes into the Kitty (meow!); you and other screenwriters vote on your favorite script; then the winners get paid out of the Kitty.  You can even participate without paying the donation, but then you can’t win awards or cash prizes.  

We want to make the Screenwriters’ Clubhouse a friendly creative community where writers can bounce ideas off one another, give feedback on one another’s work, and be inspired to enjoy the writing process. To help foster this environment, we are offering live writing events to help writers join forces and finish their workouts in person.

The first live event will be at University of Massachusetts Boston, in the Point Lounge on August 29th.

Stop by for free pizza and an awesome writing community!

To sign up for the Screenwriters’ Clubhouse, simply visit and click sign up. It is quick and easy. Also be sure to check out ZoomTilt on Facebook and YouTube for new updates and awesome videos.


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