A Quick Guide to the New YouTube Redesign for Those Who Still Haven’t Caught Up Yet

In December, YouTube launched a new redesign which focuses on channels and subscriptions, while tightening its integration with Google+. The reviews from the platforms lovers and marketers have been mixed. It nixed a lot of features that daily users loved but channel managers like the shift towards higher engagement. We’ve listed a few of the major changes and ways to optimize your YouTube channel with them.

  • Avatar Importance: The image you choose for your channel is now appearing whenever you leave a comment, in the sidebar when your channel is showing, on channel recommendations and more.
  • Descriptions Can Make or Break It: While channel descriptions can be quite long, only the first 45 characters will show up alongside your avatar and channel title, so make sure its impactful and keyword-optimized.
  • ZoomTilt TV on YouTubeMake sure to include your keywords in your channel description so that your channel will come up in viewer search results.  Be sure they are in your tags as well. Additionally, video descriptions should be inserted before any external website links, as they will increase the likelihood on a viewer clicking on it to watch.
  • Features Removed: There are noticeable elements that have been removed including “view count”, “relevance” and the “sort by” option.
  • Links: Make sure to link your Facebook & Twitter accounts to YouTube through account sharing settings and get these to be displayed on your channel sidebar. Additionally, the new design allows you to put multiple links on the sidebar. To optimize this feature include as many links as you want and you can link to a specific section of your website using this.
  • Learn About the Featured Tab: If you enable the Featured tab on your channel page make sure to use it wisely. Make sure your avatar and playlists correctly represents its. Also, if you have multiple channels, you can display them using Network or Everything template from Edit Channel option.

In short, make sure you get familiar with this new design quickly to make sure you channel is up to date and ready for viewers.  For more information, refer to YouTube’s recently published best practices guide.

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