All Five Web Series Finalists Now Live

Overcoming hurricanes, floods, location cancels, equipment malfunctions and more (although, admittedly, some projects did a better job of overcoming than others), all five TV Reset Project web series finalists’ pilots have now arrived on ZoomTilt TV.

The five finalist pilot episodes are presented below in alphabetical order. Remember, all five shows are competing in our first web TV competition, so go check them all out and, most importantly, share the shows you like with your friends and social media followers. Your share is your vote!

“Cool Justice” by Todd Rulapaugh and Brian Groh


“Not So Super” by Christophor Rick


“The Pickup Chicks” by Stacie Capone and Small Media Extra Large


“Shining City” by Douglas Stark


“Spycology” by Tenth Gate Productions


Thanks again to all of our entrants, semi-finalists and finalists for all their hard work and dedication through the entire competition. Now everybody go view, vote and share!

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