The First Google+ Community for Web Series Creators

With the new unveiling of Google+ communities, Google is bolstering community connectivity within its social media platform. While, for most, Google+ remains sparsely populated with active, engaged users, there’s one key reason why filmmakers and video creators (particularly anyone with a vested interest in the YouTube ecosystem) should care about Google+ Communities: The six letters that come before the “plus.” That’s right, Google effectively owns both search and YouTube, so content creators interested in elevated search discovery around their work should definitely consider spending a little more time trying to stir up activity around their content on Google+.


In a small step forward to help members of the currently fragmented creator community network more effectively and bring more search engine optimization (SEO) authority to their content, we’ve created the first Google+ community for web series creators, and we invite everyone to join the community today. Together, we can create a small hive of budding creative activity amidst the larger, less-traveled Google+ landscape.


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