TV Reset Project Semi-Finalist Feature: “The Pick Up Chicks”

When one of Stacie Capone’s friends told her about an odd job she once worked trying to set up hapless single guys for success on the bar scene, it was a set of facts that, to Capone, seemed well worth exploring further in fiction. The result is “The Pick Up Chicks,” a romantic comedy web series that follows three female friends as they juggle some less-than-typical small business obstacles: falling in love with clients, being hired by ex-boyfriends and getting accused of running a brothel out of their Brooklyn apartment.  For Capone, an actress and producer whose work spans everything from feature-length films and web series to theatre appearances and interative soap operas, there are few more unique settings than New York City nightlife venues, where eccentric, quirky and larger-than-life characters abound.

Brought to the screen collaboratively with co-creator, business partner and award-winning writer Jason Nunes of storytelling studio Small Media Extra Large, Capone’s “The Pick Up Chicks” follows roomies Darcy, Emma, and Jane as they embark on a light-hearted journey through launching their unconventional startup, coping with its comedic up and downs and navigating the unexpected consequences of startup success. Capone thinks “The Pick Up Chicks” is a story that both audiences and advertisers can fall in love with.  For viewers, the series’ savvy writing, memorable personalities, evolving character relationships and easily-relatable singles-scene settings are sure to deliver a highly enjoyable viewing experience in the spirit of popular digital series “Dating Rules From My Future Self.”  At the same time, Capone sees the show as a great match for brands and advertisers, more accessible and less off-beat than HBO’s Girls with plenty of opportunities to feature clothing, accessories and consumer products for the coveted young female and male urban lifestyle demographics.

A trailer for web series “Exit Strategy,” produced by Stacie and Small Media Extra Large.

Eager audiences should get started by liking “The Pick Up Chicks'” soon-to-be Facebook home (bear with us for a few days if it’s a little minimalist, Stacy and Co. just made it through Hurricane Sandy and have a fair bit on their proverbial plate). Fan faithful can also learn more about Stacie and her work at and on twitter by following @stacie_capone.  You can also keep up with her production team at Small Media Extra Large, a transmedia studio that has produced content for film, television, the web, and mobile for clients like Viacom, Reuters, and Allstate.  You can follow SMXL on twitter at @SMiXeL


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