ZoomTilt’s TV Reset Project Semi-Finalists!

The judges have spoken! Twelve cream of the crop web series pitches have been chosen as semi-finalists in ZoomTilt’s TV Reset Project.  Five will be chosen as finalists to work with ZoomTilt‘s development team, rich with experience working with MGM, Warner Brothers, ABC, CBS, and the web. In addition to providing pilot episode funding, ZoomTilt will passionately promote all five pilots, and then you become the judge. Check out a glimpse of what these filmmakers have dreamed up for the fast-paced, hit or miss world of web series and stay tuned!


Cool Justice – Todd Rulapaugh and Brian Groh

Picture Starsky & Hutch meets Reno 911, where anything can and does happen. In this action comedy, two cryogenically frozen undercover cops from the 70’s are thawed out in present day L.A. to help a hottie heiress claim her missing millions.  Together the unlikely threesome bust up bad guys old-school-style while following cryptic-clues left by her eccentric billionaire-scientist-grandfather.

Two Feet Under – Evan BuxbaumThank You Keith Productions

While his parents are out of reach in Thailand, Jon’s grandmother dies. The only complication? She already filled her cemetery plot – with someone else. What follows is a darkly comedic and insanely unpredictable adventure across Manhattan as Jon must find her a new resting place, and there isn’t much time.

Spycology – James Poirier and Travis TylerTenth Gate Productions

Where did James Bond learn all those crazy and badass things? Right here, at SpySchool. Think Community meets the CIA. We follow the select few kids trying to forge themselves into super spies via ridiculous classes and simulated ‘pop quizzes’. Wake up, your roommate has been taken hostage. Hurry, you’re being graded.

Robin’ Hood – Slane Hatch

Follow two low-level gangsters as they videotape their exploits in an attempt to strike it big with a reality show. Pressured to pay the bills and support his family, polished and college-educated S falls back into his life of crime as his cousin J keeps trying to push the show to new boundaries.

WingWomen – Stacie Capone

In this romantic comedy, Brooklyn roomies Darcy, Emma, and Jane stumble upon a brilliant idea for self-employment: why not take clueless guys out for a night on the town, and use their collective girl power to transform dunderhead dudes into dashing pickup artists on the dating scene. To their surprise, they become a smashing success. But while the WingWomen’s mission is to reinvent the perfect man, they might just find that they are reinventing themselves.


The Others – Douglas Stark

When Elias Porter – delivery man, husband, and father – assists an injured man to a hospital, he dismisses the ramblings about the city being under ‘mind control’ as crazy rants.  But Elias soon uncovers the truth:  his job, family, and identity are false implants created by a covert group controlling the city.  The man is a central figure in an underground resistance seeking to expose and defeat the covert group.

The Sunshine Room – Ben Heald

In the tradition of The Twilight Zone, The Sunshine Room is an exploration of fear and identity. A young woman awakes on the side of a deserted country road with no idea who she is or how she got there.  After encountering two other equally bewildered survivors, the three seek sustenance, survivors, and answers. They discover the unsettling truth that in this newly abandoned world, there is something in the darkness.

I Dare You to Kill Her – Alex Michaels – Prelude2Cinema

From Emmy winning writer Alex P. Michaels comes a movie in the style of the old film noirs. A heist turns into a kidnapping and a deadly game of betrayal. The criminals include: Adam, who has a God complex and brought them all together to steal weapons and start a revolution; two borderline psychotic brothers; and Tai, who is quietly hiding a deep secret.


MontagueHeights – Juan Reinoso

Six criminals with various pasts inextricably entwined band together against all odds to pull off a heist of eight different banks on one street in one night. An ex-convict burglar and con-man is forced to come out of ‘retirement’ when his only son asks him to help pull off the biggest heist of his career, or watch him die.


Blackout – Greg Lam

A grown-up Choose Your Own Adventure style adventure series which starts with a couple having their movie night interrupted by a blackout and which can end anywhere from space to a mother’s womb and everywhere in between. And how is the mysterious bingo card with events instead of numbers involved in their fates?


JACI – Chris NotarileBlinky Productions

In this slick and stylish action thriller, former anti-terrorist commando-turned New York City bounty hunter, Jaci, leads anything but a dull life. Things take a turn for the worse when a massive price tag is put over her head by a mysterious grudge barer. Now Jaci must not only track down her killers, but save her targeted friends.


Not So Super – Christophor Rick

What happens when a superhero hits a midlife crisis? Vince is having problems in both halves of his life. At home, his marriage is crumbling, and while ‘on duty,’ he’s been feeling not so super. His lack of confidence is painfully evident, and the city is losing faith. Not So Super twists those classic comic book archetypes into a dark drama with comedic turns.

Keep an eye out for our filmmaker features on each of the twelve semi-finalists right here on the ZoomTilt blog!


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