TV Reset Project Semi-Finalist Feature: COOL JUSTICE

Actors and filmmakers Todd Rulapaugh and Brian Groh are in the runnings with their webseries pitch, Cool Justice, inspired by stylized cop shows of the 70’s. Todd, who created the premise, points to characters like Detective Mick Belker in Hill Street Blues – “This guy would actually growl at the bad guys!” The soil is fertile for this action-packed comedy webseries. Picture Starsky and Hutch meets Comedy Central’s Reno 911, where anything can and does happen.

In Cool Justice, two cryogenically frozen undercover cops from the 70’s are thawed out in present day Los Angeles to help a hottie heiress claim her missing millions.  Together the unlikely threesome bust up bad guys old-school-style while following cryptic-clues left by her eccentric billionaire-scientist-grandfather, in a perfect world, played by Will Ferrell.

The team had a field day dreaming up what these comedic cops could get caught up in after being dormant for 40 years. Todd and Brian draw from their own adventures in “the mean streets of L.A.”  With the space shuttle Endeavor landing at LAX a couple of weeks ago to be driven through the streets to the California Science Center, they imagined a scene with the confused cops. They pictured them waiting out on the streets like everyone else, only they brought their binoculars and a telescope pointed up into the sky, eventually having a revelation: “Oh my God, they drive it to the moon now!”

When Brian isn’t improvising with Upright Citizens Brigade and when Todd takes a break from L.A. standup at The Comedy Store and Flappers Comedy Club, the two hash out ideas for their new ventures. The script for their action feature, “Hell Divers Rodeo,” is currently optioned by “Cinema Revival,” and they are looking ahead to the world of webseries.

The team is excited by opportunities to take their talent to the web, and Brian explains that “a lot of these projects, once you start them, they don’t die.” Especially not when your clip receives the highest rating of “immortal” on Funny or Die. Check out Brian’s clip, First Date Blow Job, for a taste of what kind of humor to expect from Cool Justice!

With Jeff Hodsden on board as director, Todd and Brian say they are stoked to take Cool Justice to the small screen, anticipating the freedom and control that comes into play when working on a webseries. Todd and Brian are firm believers in the power of comedy to trump short attention spans. “The idea for Cool Justice is that anyone can drop in on any episode and still be entertained,” they explain, noting the charisma of the over-the-top cops.

Todd Rulapaugh
– Writing and Acting
An actor living in Los Angles where he has worked on pilots as a series regular for Brillstein-Grey, ABC, independent television, lead guest spots for CBS and feature films including the Grand Jury indie hit “In Memory of My Father”. Most recently he has been performing stand up at various comedy clubs in L.A.

Brian Groh – Writing and Acting
A writer/performer from the famed Upright Citizens Brigade. His sketches have achieved the highest rating on Funny-or-Die and have appeared on TV. He is also a frequent contributor to well-known Hollywood sketch and scene nights including UCB’s Not Too Shabby, Slap and Tickle, Saturn and Vine, Serial Killers and Tongue and Groove.

Jeff Hodsden – Directing
An Emmy nominated writer who has written over thirty episodes for hit shows on the Disney Channel, including The Suit Life of Zack and Cody and currently The A.N.T. Farm. Prior to that, he wrote for the hit WB comedy, The Jamie Kennedy Experiment. He continues to write and direct for all types of media, commercial and independents.

6 thoughts on “TV Reset Project Semi-Finalist Feature: COOL JUSTICE

  1. Truly hope this concept makes it… it’s been a while since a good, funny cop show has been created… and they never get old… Come On “Cool Justice”!!

  2. Thanks Guys!

    Todd and I had a great time writing the season one episodes. It’s always a good sign when you’re having a hard time trimming down the pages.

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