Don’t miss the digital entertainment revolution! ZoomTilt named one of top 35 tech startups that TechCrunch missed

As the new Filmmaker Liaison intern with ZoomTilt, I am quickly learning that this MassChallenge startup is kicked into gear and packs a punch. I am Lily Keyes and I am buckled in for the digital entertainment revolution. Are you?

Last week, ZoomTilt was named one of the top 35 tech startups that TechCrunch missed.  We found ourselves in a sea of tech-savvy schemes all taking advantage of the seemingly leveled Internet playing field. We all use the Internet; it is where we do our work, entertain ourselves, and socialize. In an article outlining seven unexpected uses for social media, number two was helping the homeless find equality on Facebook. Everyone on the Internet, regardless of social standing, is granted the same basic opportunities to connect, share, and become a part of the digital revolution.

But the fact that we can publish every pondering that pops into our consciousness with the push of a button, does not add value to these ideas. The bottom line is that there are still bad ideas, better ideas, and game-changing ideas. Catalyzed by our growing network of independent filmmakers, ZoomTilt is a game changer, and we’ll soon have you scoffing at your friends who just bought that new 65” flatscreen TV. Should have sprung for this giant iPad 2.
(photo by Steve Chazin)

Going down StartupPlay’s list, we’re proud to be grouped with such fresh ideas, especially the ones which, like ZoomTilt, are creating new opportunities for independent creatives. Chartburst allows unsigned musicians to have their music picked up by labels like Sony, and Warner Bros, and provides structured feedback.  Kbuuk opens up a whole new world for modern readers and independent authors to share books and to work on their marketing strategies.  Just like these startups, ZoomTilt relies on the creativity of indie filmmakers and the support of our growing network: you. We work to connect the Internet users out there, hungry for quality entertainment, and the independent filmmakers eager to share their creative works with the world. And just like Chartburst and Kbuuk, we provide help with the business side of things and promote the indie content like crazy.

ZoomTilt is alive. It is constantly growing and evolving, and it is part of something much bigger; something the online video incubator Bedrocket Properties calls “next-generation” media. The Internet calls for connectivity, collaboration, and creativity, and the digital revolution calls for ZoomTilt.

British philosopher Francis Bacon once said, “In every great time there is some one idea at work which is more powerful than any other, and which shapes the events of the time and determines their ultimate issues.” This revolution will not be televised, and it won’t be under the rein of Hollywood insiders — it will be built by thousands of filmmakers and millions of viewers like you. Watch the season premiere of Dead Man’s Trigger, visit The TV Reset Project, and send in your pitches to Help us get this revolution in digital entertainment going!

One thought on “Don’t miss the digital entertainment revolution! ZoomTilt named one of top 35 tech startups that TechCrunch missed

  1. Thanks for the mention! We appreciate it, and hope that you tell people you know who are independent authors about the platform. Love this quote by the way, “The bottom line is that there are still bad ideas, better ideas, and game-changing ideas.”

    But the good thing about “bad” ideas and preposterous ideas is that they’re usually springboards for the game changers🙂 Many people think that letting whomever wants to publish, to publish is a bad idea and that there will be an influx of poor quality writing and what not. However, the cream always rises to the top, and we feel like our platform will open doors to people who are talented, but may not have considered writing before because of all of the mess surrounding the traditional publishing process.

    Cheers and best wishes in all of your endeavors!


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