Filmmaker Highlight: Tenth Gate Productions

James Poirier and Travis Tyler started early. They’ve been making films since fourth grade, but only began winning awards in the festival circuit when they were freshmen in high school. They say the first ten years was just practice, but two years ago they formed their own production company: Tenth Gate Productions.

James and Travis are old hands at the festival circuit. “The biggest benefit is the networking opportunities — you meet other filmmakers, producers, managers, and more.” They have entered mostly shorts and screenplays into festivals, but their shorts are not the five-minute kind. “We tried to come up with a new name for them, like outer end of shorts, or longs…the term shorts is too wide of a genre, ranging from five minutes to the twenty minute ones that are significant stories.”

They do have one feature that they filmed while in college. “Too many indies rush into features, it results in unpolished features because you haven’t got all the problem solving skills you get from doing shorts.” They also believe that shorts require the writer to tell the story more succinctly. Many features have extraneous scenes, and could have been told in less time — but the filmmakers think they need it to be “feature length” so they write in extra scenes.

Tenth Gate Productions will be releasing a short action piece this September in Boston, Massachusetts, and Portland, Maine. You can see a teaser for it here:


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