Filmmakers: Mark Gardner

Mark Gardner’s intro into the film world was abrupt.

He says that when he graduated from college, he “listened to people who said to be practical.”  He got a masters degree and was working at a full-time job.  Then one day he was on a date (after only one month of dating his wife-to-be) and they saw a movie.  After the movie was over, he turned to his date and said “I’m resigning tomorrow.”  True to his word, he resigned the next day to become a filmmaker.

“I always wanted to write so I started going to local writing groups.”  Not long after he began working full-time on writing he saw a craigslist post for a writer, and sent in a sample.  They liked it and together they started developing a tv show for a local production company.  The pilot script was done, the season outlined, and it was already cast, when the producer backed out.  “It was right around when Felicia Day started The Guild, so I did some research, and then it hit me — why am I asking permission to make films?”

That’s when Mark started working on Cell.  He wrote the series, then produced and directed it.  It was picked up by, went to four international festivals, and won seven awards (was nominated for dozens).  And Mark is now on the board of the Academy of Web TV.

Mark’s next project is another web series: Weird Girls.  It’s the story of four middle school girls dealing with growing up, family, social stuff…you know, life.  And fighting demons.  He is putting his production team and crew together and is now looking for funding.


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