Filmmakers: Richard Reininger and Kyle & Cliff Bogart

Richard Reininger’s first inspiration to make movies came from watching Evil Dead.  He read all the back story about Bruce Campbell and it occurred to him that this was something he could do.  He went to the University of Texas film school, and that’s where he met Kyle and Cliff Bogart. The three of them are working on their second feature film.

Richard is the producer of the trio.  Kyle and Cliff work as a writing team, and usually direct and handle artistic decisions.  Richard interacts with the outside world and puts the whole production together.  When Richard and Kyle were in film school, Kyle came up with cool ideas, and Richard organized the shoots — most of the other students were in groups of five or six, but they got the same amount done in a pair.

Their first feature after college went to SXSW and did the festival circuit for over a year.  It was picked up by Indipix, so it is now getting digital distribution.  Richard, Kyle, and Cliff are now working on their second feature.

Their new feature is a sci-fi thriller with elements of the Twilight Zone.  They just finished writing the screenplay and are shopping it around to attach talent and get financing.  “I love producing these guys work, it’s always fresh.  We want to make films that have a message, that look at the world in a different way, a view we don’t see enough of in movies.  It’s an inspiring script.”


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