Filmmakers: Richard Jones

Richard Jones is an actor-producer living in Austin, TX.  He studied broadcast journalism in college, got involved in some projects as an editor after graduating, but it wasn’t until he took an acting class that he realized what he really loved doing.  He’s been acting ever since, but in the last couple of years he has also gotten involved in producing.

Producing allows him to make things happen, and to help friends make things happen.  “My friend Matt had co-written a project, An Ordinary Family, and I was helping him with production just to be a good friend.  They all said I should be a producer.”  Richard ended up with a producer credit on this film, which aired at the LA Film Festival.

After a project he had been cast in fell through, he decided to produce his own web series.  He brought in some friends who had written feature scripts, and one had an idea he had been noodling on for a while — bumbling bail bondsmen “navigating a world of meth-heads, ex-wives, and butt-kicking daughters.”  They collaborated on the script, and Richard put together a cast and crew. They wrote the script, had a reading in November, shot on set in November and December, and had three episodes up by January.

What does he recommend for new filmmakers?

“Be professional.  If you’re professional it puts you ahead of 80% of people out there.  It’s also about talent, so always work on your craft.  Network and be intentional with your relationships — by helping people out you might get a bigger role down the line.  Be dependable and work really hard.”

“If you’re an actor, don’t think you’re too good for student projects.  You learn to deal with directors, and how to make bad scritps good by being a great actor.”


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