Filmmakers: Cory Miller

We like interviewing veteran filmmakers and the up-and-coming.  Cory Miller is a recent graduate of the UCLA film school.

Before going to film school, Cory stumbled into a strange job investigating complaints against the NYC police department.  While he loved it (he did it for four years), he didn’t want that to be his career.  He wanted to write scripts and direct films, so he went to UCLA.

“I don’t want to limit myself to my experiences in New York, but my last couple of films were loosely based on those cases.  That job really opened my eyes, it was a giant pool of great subject matter for films.”

Cory’s films have played at 10 festivals and won some awards.  He also participated in a competition for AARP, where 8 filmmakers were funded to create engaging films about health care.  Right now Cory has a feature film that is in pre-production, and he’s trying to pitch some TV shows.

“I’d love to be a writer-director — I absolutely love both of them.  But at this point in my career, I think it would be easier to begin writing and parlay that into directing. You have to have a foundation in something else before getting hired as a director.”


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