CrewTide First Web Series Released!

You might have noticed that we haven’t been posting for over a week…that’s because we were busy with production and marketing of our first series!

To watch the series, go to

CrewTide exists to match independent filmmakers with brands that want episodic, storytelling content.  Why are we doing this?  Because we’re filmmakers too.  I’ve been interviewing filmmakers for the blog, and I hear the same story over and over.  Each of these successful filmmakers gets paid very well to create commercials, instructional videos, or other non-storytelling video.  Then they go home and spend that money making what they love — narrative.

Meanwhile, brands are realizing that interrupting viewers with ads doesn’t work like it used to.  Ads are getting more and more expensive, and viewers still tune them out.  How can you get customers to actively share your message and engage emotionally?  Create great, storytelling video they want to watch and share!

Our first project, Connection Lost, is a six-episode Valentine’s Day thriller-romance, sponsored by fair-trade organic chocolate company Equal Exchange.  It’s about danger, love, and connecting in the real world.  Oh, and chocolate.

Help us make this first project a success.  The more successful we are with Connection Lost, the easier it will be for us to land deals for independent filmmaker’s creative work.  Help us spread the word!


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