We love Mashable and Wired Magazine…

We love Mashable and Wired Magazine so much we sent them chocolates for Valentine’s Day.

Dear Mashablewill you be our valentine?

You know so much about everything, how do you do it?  We always hear it first from you, at least if it’s cool. Not those chain email letters, you are way too cool for that.  Just the good stuff.

To Wired Magazineplease be our valentine!

From gadgets to tech, you are the ultimate in nerd news!  We cannot resist your covers, with robot arms, presidents, and babies.  And in honor of Return To Sender, we send you this chocolate.  The post office didn’t like it.

Equal Exchange chocolate bars

We mailed these chocolate bars to our valentines. We love you!


We hope you both enjoy our Valentine’s Day thriller romance web series, Connection Lost!

And your chocolate.  ❤


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