Filmmakers: Moema Umann

Moema Umann creates visual poems.  Her metaphorical themes with compelling storylines clearly resonate, and her films have been at the American International Film Festival, the Big Apple Film Festival, and the short film corner at Cannes.

“I find that films now are either traditional beginning, middle, and end or they are just crazy visual stuff.  I like to blend both, to engage the viewer in the story but explore our senses and emotions in other ways.  I really like to experiment with the aesthetics of my films, and with different ways of shooting.”

Moema works at an educational company in Brazil, where she produces and shoots videos during the day.  “But,” she says, “it’s not exactly being a filmmaker.”  Like all of the other filmmakers we’ve talked to, she uses her job creating videos to fund her creative projects.

Moema’s story will sound familiar.  “I always filmed. I know it sounds cliche, but I always did, I just knew I wanted to work with film.”  But she originally started as an actress.  She started acting in films, but she had a script that she wanted to shoot, and couldn’t find anyone to shoot it.  So she decided to do it herself.  “It was out of nceessity. It’s funny how I wrote my first script — people laugh at me, I wrote it in columns, what people see in one, what they hear in another…but it worked.”

Moema’s advice for aspiring filmmakers?

Instead of filmmaking, I see a lot of people go through a time-consuming pre-production, then shoot their project with tons of people, then give up on it either because they didn’t like what they shot or felt something was missing.  Don’t give up on it!  Go back to it, take another look at what you have, and do something with it.  Filmmaking is very collaborative work.  Even if the response doesn’t matter, you’re honoring the people who worked with you.  I feel so sorry when I see people giving up on projects.  My first film took almost two years, we had problems with sound — we had to reshoot all the sound, but we didn’t give up and it happened, and in the end we got great response.”

We also asked what she would do if she could spend her time doing anything.

“I love doing the research, writing the concept, rehearsing, shooting…. My dream is to have a place where I can just make magic happen.”

Every filmmaker that we’ve talked to so far does something to pay the bills — commercials, music videos, educational videos…then they spend that money making master works of art.  The whole reason CrewTide exists is this same story we hear from every filmmaker.  Let filmmakers do what they do best, and let brands benefit from great content and an engaged viewership.


One thought on “Filmmakers: Moema Umann

  1. Que lindo Mo!
    Só consegui ler pois o teu amigo Parente recolocou o site!
    Pela primeira vez consegui ler e pensar um pouco mais em teu trabalho!
    Tanto queria ver Before Breackfast. Mas neste ano visito o mano e lá a Jane dever ter uma cópia!
    Agradeça ao teu amigo!
    Eu também tenho saudades, nem sei de quê, pois vivemos tão pouco juntas! Mas imagine o sonho da Vó Norma e Lauro vendo vocês todos trabalhando juntos! E a Weena não ajuda nos enredos *( Put here an question mark, because my machine refuse to do it!). Ou melhor na poesia.

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