Filmmakers: Noah Christofer

I came across Noah Christofer when I was looking into web series — he has a fantastic series called “By Chance Boston” that everyone should check out.  I wanted to know more about him and about the series, so here is the skinny.

Noah has always been doing film, in middle school he used his mom’s VHS camera to record his brothers doing stuff they saw on tv.  After college, he went to Europe to shoot a short with a friend, and came back to Boston “to figure out what he wanted to do with his life.”  His cousin suggested they start a production company.

“I wanted to wait till I was older, maybe 28 or 29…I was 22.”  But they went ahead and dived in, and the company took off.  That was in 2009; now Beyond Measure Productions does music videos, commercials and promo videos.  They travel all around New England getting paid to be filmmakers.

As they were first starting out they went to a Dart Boston meeting, where entrepreneurs of all types get together to give and get advice.  Someone there suggested that they start a web series to show off their work.  And thus By Chance Boston was born.

They decided to shoot a dramatic web series, fictional but about regular Bostonians.  They wanted to elaborate on this concept: you nevr know who you are running into, what their story is, where they’ve come from, what else is going on in their lives.

“We’d write and edit during the week and shoot on the weekends.  We did that for 8 weeks straight, then we premiered the series the first week of January.  That was lots of work, but totally worth it.  Now it’s starting to get real attention.”

“There’s some interest in making it into a bigger project for the networks.  We’re focusing on this would have been a spoiler…at the end you’ll figure out why everything connected the way it did.”

Can’t wait to see it!  These guys really know how to write compelling characters & story.

We asked what he thought of CrewTide.

“The concept is really good, it makes 100% sense.  Everything now is going viral, online, and media is taking over.  Companies need to catch up by creating entertainment that is what people want.”


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