Brand Managers: Lorena Alcalde

We believe that crowdsourcing video from independent filmmakers is a really exciting way for a brand to engage with their consumers, so we’ve reached out to some big brands to get their feedback.  We recently interviewed Lorena Alcalde, Sr. Global Brand Manager at P&G, to get her opinion.

Lorena started at P&G as an engineer in their R&D department, then moved to a management position in engineering.  Within P&G, she has worked in Caracas and Cincinnati, and is now in Geneva, Switzerland.  Before her current position she managed a retail hair care brand, but now the main brand she manages is a professional hair color product only sold to salons.

She still gets to use her engineering skills in the chemistry of the color product and she also does some marketing; but her main is role strategic.  She develops strategies and innovation portfolios for the next five to ten years for a variety of related professional color products.  Her suite of products is worth more than $1B per year worldwide.

At CrewTide we’ve been assuming that the best fit for episodic branded content is consumer brands.  We were quite surprised to hear Lorena’s take on it from her experience managing both retail and professional products.  “What CrewTide is doing is even more relevant for professional products.  Retail is all about in-store and television advertising.  Professional is about events and education.  We currently provide some video and entertainment for the events and for in-salon viewing.”  She also felt that hair stylists have a strong emotional attachment to the products they use every day in their work, where a consumer only uses a hair care product occasionally.

We know that brands have been turning more to branded entertainment as television viewership has dropped, and Lorena gave us better insight into that trend.  “In retail, traditional advertising (tv, print, billboards) was about 50% of the marketing budget.  But in professional, it’s almost all about non-traditional marketing, and we do a lot of branded entertainment (events and video).”  P&G runs a lot of marketing modeling to ensure that they are putting their marketing dollars where they count most.

You can probably guess our next thought — as soon as the call was over, we started thinking up plots for a hair stylist drama (about Ugly Betty’s sister?)…a barber comedy (set in Seville?)…a hair-salon thriller (a la Sweeney Todd?).  We can’t wait to see what independent filmmakers will come up with!


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