Even More Branded Entertainment

A lot of great video content has come from brands spreading the word about something or other.  Check out this love story from the National Relay Service (an Australian government initiative for the deaf):

Brand: National Relay Service
Series: Quiet Signs of Love
Format: 2-part series, 6-10 minutes each
Views: 45,000

The Chipotle Cultivate Foundation commissioned this lovely piece to raise awareness about the hardships family farmers face in America:

Brand: Chipotle
Video: Abandoned
Format: 4-minute short film
Views: 100,000

Hardees sponsored Slotcar, a web series spoof of stock car auto racing:

Brand: Hardees
Video/Series: Slotcar
Format: 9 episodes, 1-2 minutes each
Views: 100,000

Royal Caribbean worked with James Brolin and Jenny McCarthy who each acted and directed a comic short film that happens on a cruise ship:

Brand: Royal Caribbean
Series: Ocean Views
Format: Two 10-minute films and various short clips
Views: over 1million

Ikea has a lot of video content…we’ll just mention one of them, their Easy to Assemble series:

Brand: Ikea
Series: Easy to Assemble
Format: over a dozen 5- to 10-minute episodes
Views: 80,000

Lexus has tons of video content, much of it seemingly unrelated to the brand.  Check out this sci-fi short film (available at the link):


Brand: Lexus
Video: Rift
Format: Lexus Studios has dozens of films and series


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