Tools for Lighting Videos on Fire

So you want to promote your video and track it’s progress?  Here are some tools that might be helpful:

Google Analytics, possibly the best-known and most widely-used analytics tool, identifies visitors to a website based on where they navigated from, how much time they spent on the site, what they did there (most importantly, did they spend money), and where in the world they are located physically.  The website they were on before yours is a significant piece of information that helps you track which of your advertising campaigns are working, or whether your social media efforts are driving traffic.  At any given moment, you can access your GA account to see data presented in clean pictorial form; for example, hits over time, or a pie chart depicting percentages of different internet locations that viewers were on before yours.

YouTube Insights also offers an analytics tool, free to all YouTube account holders.  Like GA, Insights can also present viewership by geographic location, number of hits, and referrals.  It will also tell you where your video was embedded, and show you a breakdown of your viewers’ ages.

Tubemogul, which recently made Number 7 in the San Francisco Business Times’ “Fastest-Growing Companies” list, claims to differentiate itself from GA in that it can track analytics on each specific video you post, across different websites, such as YouTube, Vimeo, Daily Motion, Howcast, Revver, and others.  Tubemogul boasts that in one uploading action, it will automatically post your videos on all the sites you specify.  Although Tubemogul offers some advanced features for a cost, many writers in the blogosphere claim that Tubemogul’s basic services are more than adequate.  As internet marketer David Risley writes, “you can do everything that matters with TubeMogul and do it without spending a dime.”

Other services such as Brightroll take a more aggressive tack, serving up advertising video to internet surfers based on their behavior on the web.  For example, if you’ve been researching ski resorts, you may see an advertisement suggesting that you watch a video advertising the hippest new lodge in Aspen.  Brightroll does this by purchasing behavior tracking information from companies such as eXelate and BlueKai.  So yes, unlike the other video marketing services we’ve described so far, using Brightroll costs money.  Its model is fundamentally different in that it brings videos to the viewer, rather than only tracking the viewers that come to the video.

Yet another method is embodied by a new site called, which just came out of beta testing.  It bills itself as “An amazing way to watch the videos your friends are sharing.”  Similar to Spotify for music, Shelby looks through your Facebook and Twitter network, and lets you know what material is being watched in that moment.  There’s nothing like experiencing entertaining media that your friends also love – at the same time.  It’s almost like going to a movie together, without having to change your schedule or buy expensive tickets.  For the marketer, persuading many social-network friends to watch videos early and often has the potential to quickly grow total number of hits.

So there you have it:  a variety of internet services that help you measure how well your message is spreading.  Measuring is the first step to management: correcting negative trends, and enhancing positive ones.  With one of the above services, you may have a better shot at effective marketing:  winning eyeballs and, by association, dollars.


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