More Branded Content

As we were writing the first Branded Entertainment Examples post, we came across so many we decided to split it into two.  Here are some more great ones.

Brand: Intel
Series: Visual Life
Format: 10-minute documentaries
Views: 1.5 million

Intel filmed this series of documentary shorts in an effort to move away from its business market positioning to become a consumer brand.

Brand: DC Shoes
Series: Gymkhana
Format: a few 10-minute made-for-web shorts
Views: 11 million within two months of first episode release
Benefits: “It’s been very successful. It’s definitely improved retail sales,” according to DC’s Ken Block.

DC teamed up with a film production company to film founder Ken Block’s hobby: rally racing.

Brand: Red Bull
Video: Way Back Home
Format: 8-minute short
Views: 25 million (just this episode)

Red Bull has sponsored a number of documentary shorts.  This one features Danny MacAskill’s amazing bicycle stunts in the beautiful Scottish landscape.

Brand: Old Spice
Series: The Man Your Man Could Smell Like
Format: 3 30-second commercials and over 180 2-minute response videos
Views: over 36 million views for the first commercial alone
Benefits: 55% sales jump

The original Old Spice commercial featured Isaiah Mustafa and showed during the Super Bowl.  Weiden and Kennedy, the marketing agency who created the commercials, eventually filmed over 180 video responses to twitter, facebook, and youtube comments.

We have even more examples on our third post: Even More Branded Entertainment.


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