Branded Entertainment Examples

Branded entertainment is becoming more popular as a way to reach consumers.  It allows brands to represent their products and their brand identity in a format that viewers seek out and naturally share.  Here are some examples of great branded entertainment that have paid off handsomely for the brands that created them.

Brand: BMW
Series: The Hire
Format: 8 10-minute shorts
Views: 11 million in four months; 100 million in four years
Benefit: 12% sales jump

Each film in this series of shorts was directed by a different A-list actor, and each one featured Clive Owen.  The films were so popular that BMW produced a DVD for customers who visited certain BMW dealerships, and they quickly ran out of dvds.

Brand: Hell Pizza
Series: Deliver Me to Hell
Format: Choose-your-own adventure style web series (4-minute episodes)
Views: 4.8 million for the first episode alone
Benefits: 43% sales bump

Hell’s Pizza is a New Zealand pizza franchise.  They recognized that online order receipts were usually 30% higher than telephone orders, and decided to create engaging web content to drive traffic to their site.

Brand: KMart
Series: First Day
Format: 6 8-minute webisodes
Views: 8 million
Cost: $600K

Produced by the makers of “Gossip Girl”, this series has plenty of unmarked product placement.  Each character is wardrobed from a line of KMart clothing, and sets are also made with KMart products.

Brand: Intel & Toshiba
Series: Inside
Format: Eight 4 to 8-minute episodes
Views: over 2 million

This series of webisodes is being hailed as the first “social film experience.” The main character has been kidnapped and throughout the series calls out to viewers to “like” her on facebook and pass the request on — and viewers did.

Brand: Blendtec
Series: Will It Blend
Format: over 120 1 to 3-minute made-for-web comedy infomercials
Views: over 130 million across all videos
Benefits: 500% sales increase

Produced and acted by Blendtec’s CEO Tom Dickson, these videos range from 1.5 minutes to over 3 minutes. They show all sorts of things being blended including marbles, an iPhone, and action figures of various famous people.

Brand: Unilever’s Degree Antiperspirant
Series: The Rookie
Format: at least 12 4-minute episodes
Benefits: 22% sales bump

In an effort to reach the viewers of the popular series “24”, Unilever created a three-season web series.  The series was so well-liked by the producers of “24” that they included it in their season dvd.

And for more examples, see our follow-up post.


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